Line Construction/Maintenance

We provide expertise to manage the entire life cycle (design, construction, operation, and demolition) of IT equipment, and perform maintenance work for APP, S/W, H/W, OS, DB, etc. in collaboration with specialized vendors.

Target Equipment

  • Exchange network / signal addition network

    - Equipment: PSTN switchboard, VoIP, intelligent network, SMSC, SG, BKMS, additional equipment, etc. - Vendor : Oracle, Cisco, HP, Intel, Fujitsu, Netapp, etc.
  • Transmission network

    - Equipment: MSPP, PTN, FLC, MicroWave, DWDM, OTN, etc. - Vendor : Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Nokia, Ciena, Huawei, HFR, Telefield, etc.
  • Subscriber network

    - Equipment: FTTx, CATV, OLT, FACT/VACT/TACT, PODS, etc.

Service Areas

  • Technical support and repair of customer network

    - IT equipment trouble shooting, escalation, data analysis - Function advancement development, various PKG verification
  • Construction service

    - IT equipment construction / relocation installation / demolition / recycling, etc. - Design and solution for the introduction of new equipment