R&D Achievements

Our first R&D development was a communications repeater based on wireless analog technology standards.
We expanded our R&D portfolio to base station RRU, small cell equipment, and data terminals by using our digital and S/W technology capacities acquired through WiBro system development. Also, we entered into access network equipment and overseas repeater markets in 2014.


Wireless Network Equipment

Type Name Description
DAS Distributed Antenna System It can be installed in buildings, subways, or stadiums and provides disaster safety service of Pubic Safety LTE and commercial services such as CDMA. WCDMA, and LTE


Type Name Description
LPWA Low power IoT solution Low power IoT solution is a solution that consists of the EMS (Element Management System) and the IoT base station fits the LoRa (Long range, low-power wireless platform) standards.

* LPWA : Low Power Wide Area


Wireless Network Equipment

Type Name Description
WiFi Giga AP(11ac Wave2) The WiFi AP provides Giga-speed wireless Internet service according to IEEE802.11ac Wave2 standards.
MPTCP server It is about a solution that transmits data effectively through the heterogeneous network bundle that allows the simultaneous use of WiFi and LTE

* MPTCP : Multi Path Transmission Control Protocol


Wireless Network Equipment

Type Name Description
RU Compact RU The 1.8GHz (10W/Port) RF device that provides SK telecom LTE service through LTE digital unit and CPRI I/F access.
WiFi WiFi EMS WiFi EMS is a server responsible for firmware upgrades and AP and AC monitoring.
Cloud AC Cloud AC is the NFV solution that controls APs for WiFi service improvement and supports load monitoring, certification, DHCP and L3 roaming services.

* EMS : Element Management System

2013 ~ 2008

Wireless Network Equipment

Type Name Description
Repeater Optical dispersion repeater(sector type) Optical dispersion repeater that interoperates with the legacy optical dispersion equipment, CDMA 2 sector WCDMA 3 sector, and Wibro 2 sector
Optical dispersion repeater(integrated type) Subway, in-building CDMA, WCDMA, WiBro, LTE800M, and LTE-A 1.8G optical repeater.
TRIO RF repeater In-building underground service equipment.CDMA, WCDMA, LTE800M, and LTE-A 1.8G RF repeater
Bridge repeater The repeater that enabels CDMA, WCDMA and WiBro services and WiFi service with Ethernet Backhaul
Repeater responding to frequency change A new type of repeater developed for CDMA/WCDMA frequency change
Integrated repeater The repeater that enables CDMA/WCDMA/WiFi services through SK broadband and Ethernet networks
DDR repeater The repeater that can replace the legacy indoor/outdoor optical repeater and RF repeater
WiBro/In-building repeater A total of 14 types of in-building repeaters including WiBro indoor repeaters are developed.
Type Name Description
RU Low power dual band RRU Low-power dual band RRU MIMO for 800MHz and 1.8GHz is developed.
Low power RRU RRU MIMO for 800MHz is developed.
Type Name Description
Femto LTE Home Femto Mini-sized/light-weighted femto equipment is developed and commercialized. The femto is used to provide high-quality LTE service to homes and offices.
LTE Public Femto The femto is developed to provide high-quality LTE service to places with high LTE data traffic such as cafes and restaurants.
LTE Femto The first LTE femto equipment in Korea. SK telesys ran a pilot service program for SK telecom.
SeWG The Security Gateway equipment that provides security for Internet users through Femto and IPsec tunnels.
FMS The Femto Management System (FMS) is developed to provide femto and SeGW equipment operation and maintenance.
LTE Femto Cell The LTE Femto Cell prototype is developed. The cell will provide LTE service to homes and offices.
Type Name Description
WiFi Fixed Bridge The CPE equipment allows WiFi service in a designated place (which could be either indoor or outdoor) through WiBro backhaul.
Movable Bridge The CPE equipment allows WiFi service on a bus or subway through WiBro backhaul.
High-capacity Bridge WiFi service is provided through the CPE equipment. The equipment enhances the legacy bridge backhaul performance by using 2 WiBro Modems as backhaul.
TMS equipment The TR069 Protocol based bridge equipment management and operation support system is developed.
PDG system Core equipment that supports wireless LAN subscribers’ mobility, security, and billing.
Type Name Description
WiBro Outdoor AP Outdoor solution equipment for the global market was co-developed by SK telecom and SK telesys.
Femto Cell WiBro service equipment is developed for homes and offices.
WiMAX - For domestic use: The Wave2 WiBro system is developed and commercialized for SK telecom.
- For international use: WiMAX equipment is developed for Kulacom Jordan.(2.5 GHz, 3.5 GHz)
In-building AP The in-building Access Point (AP) is developed and commercialized for SK telecom.