ESG Management

Safety and Health Management Policy

Pantech C&I Engineering

Shall make the best efforts to recognize the safety and health of the members as the top priority of the company and establish a safety and health management system that complies with laws and standards so that all employees can work in a safe and pleasant environment. To this end, continuously improve the safety and health environment through the following safety and health activities.

  • 01

    The CEO shall make 'protecting the lives of workers' and 'creating a safe working environment' the top priorities of corporate management activities.

  • 02

    The CEO shall establish a safety and health management system in the workplace and provide sufficient human and material resources for the elimination and control of risk factors in the workplace.

  • 03

    Set safety and health goals, and establish and implement detailed action plans to achieve them.

  • 04

    Establish and faithfully implement internal regulations that comply with safety and health-related laws and regulations.

  • 05

    Identify risk factors through workers' participation, improve the identified risk factors, and share them through education.

  • 06

    Make all employees aware of risk factors related to their jobs, and provide education and training on the elimination and replacement of risk factors and control techniques.

  • 07

    Ensure that all suppliers and contractors comply with our health and safety policies and safety requirements.

  • 08

    For the safety and health activities of partners and all employees, execute a safety and health budget and support human resources.

December 1, 2022

Pantech C&I Engineering

CEO Shin Kwang Sig