ESG Management

ESG Management Activities

ESG Operational Plan and Objectives

  • Eco Driving  Environmental Policy

    • Eco-friendly vehicle conversion rate: Over 10%
    • Energy (fuel cost) reduction plan: Pilot operation of camping air conditioner/heater
    • Use of eco-friendly products: Purchase 2 or more items
  • Happy Society  Social Policy

    • Support for work-life balance and personal development: Use of substitute holidays (10% utilization rate), condominium utilization rate (10% year-on-year increase), educational support
    • Establishment of safety/health environment: Industrial accidents (1 or less accidents - excluding commuting)
    • Support of hiring senior citizens in the community: Attended the middle-aged job fair (1 time), strengthened the recruitment of middle-aged people
  • Fair Governance  Policy

    • Introduction and compliance with ethics policy: Operation of cyber bulletin, receipt and management of cyber bulletin
    • Composition and operation of committees: Junior Board (1 meeting/month), Cross Meeting (1 meeting/month), Occupational Safety and Health Committee (1 meeting/quarter)
    • Reliable disclosure of management information: IFRS transition and audit report disclosure

ESG Company Rating

Pantech C&I Engineering will strive to become a company that continues to grow through environmental preservation, compliance and ethical management, and transparent governanc

Carbon Emission Status

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions (more than 10%) through the transition to electric vehicles

Division 2021 2022
Energy usage (TOE) 13.619 18.214
Greenhouse gas emissions (tCO₂) 38.268 51.179
Power consumption (KW) - -
Fuel consumption (ℓ) 17,573 23,502