CEO's Message

Flexibility for change, challenge toward the future, this is PANTECH C&I Engineering.

Hello everyone.

On behalf of all our executives and employees, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your support and encouragement to Pantech C&I Engineering.

Pantech C&I Engineering has grown into a top communication equipment company in Korea through continuous R&D development from 2G to 5G based on various communication solution businesses such as repeaters, transmission equipment, rectifiers, and WiFi solutions.

Currently, we are strengthening our capabilities and competitiveness in the construction and operation of wired communication (exchange network/transmission network/subscriber network) equipment and lines, which are the foundation of the information and communication industry, and in the construction materials business and IoT business. We are also making strides as a 'strong company' by improving the profitability of existing businesses and securing new growth engines in accordance with our management policy of 'sound management'.

We will continue to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities based on ESG management that considers the environment, society, and transparent governance, and be recognized as a 'Leading Company' in the future market through our top quality services and become a 'TECH.MAKER' loved by our stakeholders.

Thank you.

CorporationPANTECH C&I Engineering

CEO Shin Kwang Sig