Ethical Management

Code of Ethics

Only when a society can develop together as a whole can the value of a company be increased.

This is the corporate foundation which Pantech C&I Engineering is aimed toward.

Pantech C&I Engineering is fulfilling our corporate vision of 'building a respected company' based on the Pantech entrepreneurial spirit of 'increasing the convenience of human life through the commercialization of technology' and the 'management philosophy centered on people and technology'.

A respected company does not simply mean building a strong company by maximizing profits, but also a company that realizes justice. The foundation of Pantech C&I Engineering's corporate philosophy is that we can increase corporate value only when we actively practice the ethical norms required by society as well as comply with the principles and legal norms that we must follow as corporate members, so that our colleagues, customers, business partners, and society as a whole can develop together.

The company and our members will follow and practice the Code of Ethics and the Employee Code of Conduct set forth here, to create a strong company where justice is realized, and ultimately to build a respected company.

  • A company must continuously satisfy customers, gain trust from customers, and ultimately develop together with customers.
  • A company needs to create an environment where members can work voluntarily and with motivation, and members need to contribute to the development of the enterprise while working in the enterprise.
  • A company must increase its corporate value so that shareholder value can be created, and for this purpose, it must reconsider transparency and conduct efficient management.
  • A company must contribute to economic development, contribute to society through social and cultural activities, and make the best efforts to conduct management in accordance with the social norms and ethical standards.