ESG Management

ESG Management Philosophy

ESG Management Policy

Pantech C&I Engineering has selected ESG management as a top priority in addition to maximizing corporate profits, and has established and is implementing the following policies with the goal of creating economic, social, and environmental values.

  • Environmental Policy (Eco Driving)

    • Strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by achieving a conversion rate of more than 10% to eco-friendly vehicles.
    • Examine ways to reduce the energy required for logistics operations.
    • Prevent environmental pollution by encouraging the purchase and use of eco-friendly products.
  • Social Policy (Happy Society)

    • Actively encourage work-life balance and self-development of our employees.
    • Strive to build a safe and healthy work environment.
    • Promote support through communication with senior citizens in the community.
  • Governance Policy (Fair Governance)

    • All employees must understand and comply with the company's ethics policy.
    • Promote the formation and operation of various professional committees.
    • Promote clear and reliable disclosure of management information.