Ethical Management

Employee Code of Conduct

The practice of ethics requires the participation of all stakeholders, not just Pantech C&I Engineering members

  • 01

    We must conduct our business fairly and safely.
    When dealing with business partners, the selection of suppliers and the terms and conditions of the transaction must be handled legally, objectively, and transparently. All duties must be carried out faithfully in accordance with the regulations set by the company.
  • 02

    We do not accept money or gifts.
    When an offer of money or gifts is made by a business stakeholder, we explain the ethical principles and politely decline. If received by mail, etc., we politely return it and notify our superior. As receiving guarantees, movable property, borrowing of real estate, etc., are also considered to be receipt of money, they are prohibited. If it is not possible to return the money/gift received, it is reported to the person in charge of ethical management and deposited physically.
  • 03

    We do not accept entertainment or hospitality.
    Entertainment and hospitality are neither provided nor received. However, it is possible to accommodate meals that do not compromise fairness, in which case we will bear the expense. If meals or drinks are unavoidably provided, the cost of a meal should not exceed 20,000 won per person and 50,000 won for drinks, and such receptions should not be frequent.
  • 04

    Congratulatory money should not deviate from social norms.
    We do not notify stakeholders of condolences or deliver notices. Congratulatory money exceeding 50,000 won will be refunded in full.
  • 05

    We do not accept accommodations from stakeholders.
    For domestic and overseas business trips, we do not accept travel expenses or sightseeing services. In the case of invitational events, we must obtain permission from our supervisor in advance, and must refuse to participate in events that have excessive entertainment purposes.
  • 06

    Investing in stakeholders
    We do not make equity investments in business partners who have an interest in the company. We do not buy or sell our business partners' stocks through the regular market.
  • 07

    We need to protect corporate assets and information.
    We must not disclose the information acquired in the course of work to the outside or use it for personal gain. A company's tangible and intangible assets/intellectual property rights are the foundation of the company and must be thoroughly protected.
  • 08

    Bribery among senior and junior staff
    A senior staff may give a gift to a junior staff as an encouragement, but junior staff do not give money or gifts to senior staff.
  • 09

    Maintain trust with colleagues
    We do not slander colleagues without grounds or spread rumors about personal life unrelated to work. We do not form in-house small groups or gatherings based on blood ties, family ties, or school ties.