Line Construction/Maintenance

[Line Construction Project _ Optical LAN Subsidiary Work]

Based on the technical capabilities accumulated over the years through the construction of SK broadband's lines to provide SK broadband services to each household in collective housings (apartments, studios, etc.), we build communication lines for the provision of services in newly built residential areas and upgrade to more stable and faster media in existing residential areas.

Target Equipment

  • - Communication cables such as optical cables and UTP cables - Telecommunication equipment such as boxes, OFD, RN, 110 blocks, and racks - Electrical equipment such as for supply of electricity and electric meter separation

Service Areas

  • - On-site due diligence and standard method-based unit price and cost planning - Construction management system and process systemizing - Facility relocation/repair, quality improvement, etc. - Safety management, construction supervision, project cost settlement, and cost management
[Public Bidding/Contract Business]

Based on our professional competence and experience, we participate in public bidding projects such as information and communication/electrical construction and maintenance services, and carry out systematic safety management and responsible construction (service) during the public project implementation.


  • - Information and communication construction, electrical construction, information and communication equipment and line equipment maintenance services ordered by public institutions

Service Areas

  • - Construction execution/supervision, maintenance service, safety management, cost settlement and cost management