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Pantech C&I Engineering is strengthening our purchase competitiveness from quality improvement to cost reduction through material consulting.

Top-quality materials supply system operation

Integrated solution
  • Provision of purchase cost reduction solution
  • informatization of the B2B materials supply market
  • Co-development with materials partners
B2B E-commerce System
  • Provision of one-stop purchase and payment service
  • Fair trade through competitive bidding
  • Provision of real time supply information service
Quality management
  • Quality evaluation and BMT execution
  • Quality management system operation
  • New quality standard introduction

Wireless Materials

Steel towers : Concrete poles, communications racks, towers, and square towers

RF type : Couplers, dividers, attenuators, RF cables, and antennas

Optic type : Optic jumper cords, multi-core cables, and optical adapters

Wired Materials

Cables : Optical cables, coaxial cables, wiring cables, coaxial cables, UTP cables, etc

Pipelines and underground structures : Manholes, optical connection enclosures, etc

Tubes : FC tubes, SCD tubes, PE inner tubes, micro ducts, flexible tubes, etc

Electricity materials

Wires : Ground wires, power lines, and photoelectric composite cables

Ground connection materials : Connection terminals, lightening rods, grounding rods, crimping terminals, and shrink sleeves

General materials and raw materials

General materials : bonding materials, waterproof materials, and tools

Raw materials : Steel and wires/pipes